Aligner Care and Instructions

Dental aligners have been a preferable treatment option for people who want to straighten or align their teeth without using braces. These orthodontic devices are custom-made, transparent dental fittings that can be worn over the teeth to treat mild to moderate misalignment. Some of the reasons why aligners may be preferred over braces include:

  • Aligners are aesthetically pleasing as they are clear and practically invisible.

  • Aligners can be easily removed so you can brush and floss properly after removal.

  • The aligners won’t poke you or irritate your cheek or gums the way metal wires and brackets might.

  • There are fewer dietary limitations when you wear aligners compared to braces

If your dentist or orthodontist recently recommended aligners for you, it would be helpful to learn about how to properly care for your aligners and instructions on how to achieve the best results.


Cleaning Your Aligners


Although you are only expected to wear each set of aligners for one to two weeks, keeping your aligners clean is still very important. You should create a habit of cleaning your aligners every morning and evening when you brush your teeth. You can do this using a soft, clean toothbrush to scrub your aligners gently. Invisalign also provides a cleaning system for the best results. Avoid using harsh or abrasive materials while cleaning your aligners, such as mouthwashes with alcohol. Cleaning your aligners helps eliminate bacteria that may have built up overnight or during the day. Dirt and other particles that may have stuck to your aligners would also be washed off.


Rinsing Your Aligners


You should rinse your aligners every time you remove them to put them back in their case. This also helps prevent the buildup of dried saliva, particles, and plaque that may be a breeding ground for bacteria.


Do Not Eat With Your Aligners


Aligners are made from plastic materials that can get stained or damaged easily. The best part of using aligners is that they can be removed. So, before you eat or drink anything apart from water, you should remember to always remove your aligners.

Soak Your Aligners Daily

To prevent your aligners from a color change or smelling bad, it is recommended that you soak them at least once daily. To soak your aligners, just place them in a cup of warm water containing dissolved Invisalign cleaning crystals for ten to fifteen minutes. After this, gently brush and rinse them before putting them back in your mouth.


Brush And Floss Before Reinserting Your Aligners

Oral hygiene is still necessary even if you use aligners. It is recommended that you brush at least two times daily –morning and evening. Just before you insert your cleaned aligners, you should brush and floss your teeth properly. This is to get rid of trapped food particles and bacteria that may lead to dental issues in the future.


Always keep Your Aligners In Their Case When Not In Use

It is not advisable to have your aligners lying around in the open air when you are not using them. When left carelessly, bacteria can build upon them, which can be unhealthy. To prevent this, you should develop a habit of carrying your aligners case wherever you go. If you forget your aligners out for some hours, ensure that you soak them before wearing them. Secondly, this can help you avoid the old cliche of throwing your aligners away with your napkin!


Duration For Best Results

Invisalign recommends that you wear your aligners for 20 to 22 hours in a day to achieve the best results in the shortest time with aligners. Are you looking for dental practices that offer teeth straightening near you in Irvine, California?

You can book an appointment with us to get the best teeth straightening option for you at an affordable cost.



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