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"Another great experience with Dr. Takigawa! I was greeted with a friendly hello right when I got there and felt so welcome the entire time. Dr. Takigawa was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. I grind my teeth at night and he gave me advice on night guards and taught me how it affects my teeth. In all my years of grinding my teeth, I’ve never had a dentist actually inform me about my condition. He also took extra time to buff out stains on my teeth. I really appreciate his time and consideration!"

Emily T.

"Very friendly and thorough. Explanations are clear. Unlike other dentists, Dr. Takigawa doesn't try to up-sell you procedures."


"Great visit yesterday for a filling. In and out in 30 minutes. Thanks doctor Aaron."


"Dr. Aaron Takigawa was professional and knowledgeable. I will highly recommend him."

Irma J.

"Dr. Takigawa is a true professional in every sense of the word. Very knowledgeable and caring. He has an excellent bedside manner. Very positive experience! I will be recommending him to all my friends!"


"Just had my regular xrays, check up and cleaning. Always a smooth visit with the appointment time, reminders, etc."

Dave T.

"Fantastic dentist. Very thorough, honest, and caring."


"Very professional and patient on our first appt. Recommending to friends and family for sure!"

Kenichi I.

"Dr. Aaron is the best dentist I have ever had. He is kind, caring, gentle and truly cares about his patrons. I am so blessed to have him as my dentist. I will highly recommend him if there is an opportunity to do so"

Barbara "Barb" L.

"Very good dentist"

Maria D.

"Good as always. Highly recommend!"

Jingru "Joanna" W.

"I've been to 5 or 6 in the last decade. None have come close to the level of professionalism and care. Best dentist in OC."

Lorenzo M.

"Honest and thorough."

Hiroyuki S.

"One of the best I would say."

Jayden L.

"Service was timely, Dr. Takigawa and his staff were very professional and friendly. They explained everything to me."

Margarita T.

"Dr. Takigawa was very friendly and took time in explaining well. The staff was very nice, too. Thank you."

Mari H.

"Very professional, knowledgeable, and flexible service. Thanks, Dr. Takigawa!"

David G.

"Great Experience overall! Very friendly staff and efficient with time. Dr. Takigawa is one of the few Dentist I’ve had that actually takes his time and tries to make sure you're comfortable."

Daniel P.

"I have been exceptionally pleased with the quality of care and my overall experience here."

Paul G.


Tsun "Jonathan" H.

"Excellent and very enjoyable experience by a great doctor. Thank you again for your services again!!!"

Christopher C.

"Started work on crown. As always, no pain and careful attention to detail"

​​​​​​​"Crown work done this time. So far so good"

"Just finished crown. Feels fine, no discomfort"

Thomas "Tom" I.

"Fast and easy - just the way I like my crown replacements."

Ivy V.

"Dr. Takigawa is awesome!"

Hannah C.


Shulan D.

"Professional and friendly!"

Huijuan S.

"Does cleaning himself and explains what he sees in easy to understand language. Very nice personality. Variety among assistants, all OK but different levels of OK."

Thomas "Tom" l.

"Good work, done with precision and professionalism!"

David G.

"Dr. Aaron is great. He’s super kind and gentle."

Rebecca M.

"Dr. Takigawa is very nice and professional. I didn’t feel any pain during my treatment. The staff at his office is very nice and friendly as well."

Mami Y.

"Dr. Takigawa is a great dentist and takes time to address any concerns. The only negative on this visit was The dental asst who did the polishing. She wasn’t adept and felt like this was the first time she’s done a polishing. I also felt that she didn’t do a thorough job. But Dr. Takigawa does the actual cleaning which is more critical to me than the polishing"

Patricia S.

"Very friendly."

Hieu V.

"Dr. Aaron is fantastic! Gentle, friendly and funny."

Rebecca M.

"Dr. Takigawa is both professional & friendly. I enjoy each visit, and I know he’ll take good care of my teeth."

Jason G.

"love it"

Aby 1.

"I was very impressed with this Dentist visit. Dr. Takigawa was very professional but very personable. He answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable. The office was very clean and everyone was extremely kind. This was a surprisingly great visit considering I’ve always hated to go to the Dentist. I’m very happy with my overall experience."

Melissa A.

"Dr. Takigawa was very personable and friendly. He took his time explaining anything I didn't understand and was very thorough in his care. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family."

Hieu V.

"It was our first time there in Dr. Takigawa's office. The best thing about him is that he is extremely gentle with my teeth, he also has the humor to make me feel better about what he is about to do. I am 11 years old and not afraid of him as a dentist."

Chloe Z.

"Dr. Aaron Takigawa takes his time to really clean your teeth while making sure you are not in pain or feeling uncomfortable. He is also so personable. You will actually enjoy visiting a dentist."

Kozue L.

"Great work. You can always ask any questions and Dr. Aaron will answer very clearly."

Koh S.

"Great service. On-time appointment with the Dr. Clear understandable explanation. Most importantly honest. Thank you"

Sue W.

"He's so nice and did a great job. Definitely recommend!"

Amy L.

"Dr. Takigawa is very thorough and gentle. No pain at all. I will gladly recommend to anyone."

Laikuen K.

"Great experience. Dr. Takigawa was knowledgeable, professional and very understanding to my needs and what I have gone through regarding my problem teeth. I would recommend to all my friends."

Sue M.

"Very pleasant and professional experience. Would recommend to other patients seeking a dentist."

Justin K.

"friendly. gentle hands on my problematic gum. five stars!"

Jonson L.

"Dr. Takigawa provides excellent dental services to myself and my family. In addition to being well trained in the latest dental techniques, he is an exceptional communicator, kindly aware of patient needs, and efficient in his practice. The office is well organized and can be easily accessed for appointments or questions by phone or through the website. Thank you, Dr. Takigawa!"

Dr. Tim T.

"Dr. Takigawa was very nice, friendly and took his time to go through each step and the entire process. I actuary went to a different clinic before this appointment and the previous doctor gave me an aggressive treatment plan and rushed through everything. However, Dr.Takigawa took his time to take a whole set of X-rays by himself and checked each tooth for cavities and possible cavities. He helped me understand my dental health issues and he really did a great job cleaning all my teeth... taking his time. I can totally see and feel the difference in my teeth now. I am so happy! I can't wait for my next appointment to get my treatment done. I'm gonna tell my husband and kids to make appointments with Dr. Takigawa."

Miyuki M.

"Dr. Aaron was great! He is funny, gentle and caring. Nancy was super friendly and efficient. Overall a good dental experience."

Rebecca M.

"Dr. Aaron takes his time and is very patient. He listens to what your needs are and doesn't try to push unnecessary services. He is located conveniently in Irvine and has weekend hours! You can always make appts online as well!"

Susie V.

"Dr. Aaron is very friendly, personable, and professional. Today was my first visit; he gave a thorough cleaning and addressed all my dental concerns in a respectable and caring tone. I really appreciated the follow-up email I received a few hours after the routine cleaning. It's also a plus that Dr. Aaron takes Saturday appointments- very convenient for working professionals and families. I have found my new dentist in Irvine!!! Thanks, Dr. Aaron and staff!"

Carnella A.

"Dr. Takigawa is excellent. He is gentle and my teeth cleaning experience painless. I would highly recommend him for anyone looking for quality dental care and he is a local. Came back to Irvine to serve in the community he grew up in."

Juliet S.

"Friendly, thorough & accommodative dentist. Thanks, Merci, תודה Allen'S"

Allen S.

"He is the man. Best dentist I've ever seen. His care is great and treatment is very professional."

Koh S.

"I’ve been to five other dentists (four being in Southern California) in 10 years, and I finally feel that I don’t need to shop around for a decent dentist. I went for an X-ray and routine check-up, and Dr. Aaron did an excellent cleaning (detailed) job which my previous dentist failed. He was also personable, actually paid attention to what I had to say, and answered my questions. My former dentists didn’t follow up even after surgeries. I was surprised when Dr. Aaron followed up after the visit. Thank you, Dr. Aaron!!"

Kozue L.

"Like a lot of people, I honestly hate going to the dentist. Here with Dr. Takigawa, I was surprised by his professionalism, knowledge, and care. My dental work was thorough and gentle. My teeth and gums felt great afterward! Will be coming back here again for my regular check-ups!"

Mimi J.

"Very thorough and knowledgable. My previous dentist would have the occasional slip that would make you bleed, but Takigawa was easy, yet gentle. Left my teeth feeling clean and shiny!"

Andrew T.

"It's never an exciting event to go to the dentist, but I feel comfortable and cared for here. I never get the hard up-sell I hear about at so many dentists. He made me my night guard since I grind my teeth so hard. By the way, I'm already leaving deep marks in it, I can imagine what I'd be doing to my teeth if I didn't wear it every night! I never realized how much damage teeth grinding can do! I also decided to have my teeth whitened since my two favorite drinks are coffee and red wine. I got the take-home trays made and it made a big difference already! I'll keep coming back for my regular checkups."

David T.

"I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND PAYING DR. TAKIGAWA A VISIT! I haven't been to a dentist in several years because it was hard to schedule around work. My friend recommended me to make an appointment with Dr. Takigawa. I was able to book a Saturday appointment! Everyone from the receptionist to the assistant was friendly & helpful! Dr. Takigawa was extremely thorough & professional. At the beginning of my appointment, I had an x-Ray done. After that, he checked each tooth for cavities & potential cavities. He talked me through the entire process, and I feel like I have a better understanding of my dental health now. He was honest & encouraging. He made sure that I knew what I needed to know in order to keep my teeth clean. It was definitely a wake-up call, but Dr. Takigawa made it a positive experience! I already scheduled my next appointment, and YOU SHOULD TOO!"

Alyssa H.

"As a first-time patient, I was so relieved to find that Dr. Takigawa is absolutely no frills about your dental health with no annoying gimmicky upsell attempts or hints at unnecessary services or treatment like I've experienced at so many other dental practices. He is truly all about quality straightforward dental care.

Dr. Takigawa is personable, kind, patient, and genuinely concerned about the health and well being of his patients. I am surely recommending him to others. His office staff is also friendly and extremely accommodating. So glad we found him and his team!"

Anna H.

"I had an awesome first visit with Dr. Aaron Takigawa. He is first and foremost friendly and attentive to get to know you as a patient and a person and makes sure you are comfortable the whole time. He spent careful time inspecting any potential cavities and making note of ones that don't need fillings yet but he wants to monitor. He ran through my Xrays in detail and explained them to me. My teeth feel SUPER clean after a thorough cleaning. For my first visit, I was definitely a year overdue so my gums were a bit inflamed and in rougher shape, but Dr. Aaron took extra care to assure me it was normal and not make me feel guilty. Online appointment booking is also super convenient! I look forward to coming back."

Melody S.

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