What to Expect With a Smile Makeover

If you are not happy with the appearance of your smile, you might want to consider getting a smile makeover. This is a makeover that involves several dental treatments. The goal of the makeover is to address cosmetic and functional issues of the teeth and gums. Most people who get the makeover have dealt with feelings of self-consciousness every time they smile. The transformation experienced after the makeover helps people feel better and more confident.


A Smile Makeover


This is a way of enhancing the smile following one or several dental procedures. Some of the cosmetic dental procedures involved include teeth whitening, dental veneers, composite bonding, and tooth implants.


When planning the makeover, several components need to be considered including the color, size, and shape of the teeth. The cosmetic dentist will also consider other factors such as facial features, tooth display, skin tone, lips, and gum tissue. The makeover is customized to the patient’s unique considerations.


Spacing and Alignment 


During the smile makeover, teeth that are overlapping and crooked will be straightened and aligned. Any gaps can be filled using specific dental procedures. Invisalign and dental veneers can help improve the appearance of the teeth. Missing teeth can harm the appearance of the smile while also affecting the bite. Any missing teeth can be replaced using dental implants, partial dentures, or bridges.


Teeth Whitening


Bright, white teeth will give you a more youthful appearance. Teeth whitening can improve the appearance of the teeth and smile. Dull and stained teeth can be whitened to look bright and natural. 


Any amalgam or silver dental fillings can be replaced with tooth-colored composites. The dentist will recommend the best shade for your appearance. The shade used for teeth whitening will depend on your skin tone, as this helps create the most natural look.


Balance and Harmony 


Chipped, cracked, and uneven teeth will affect the appearance of your smile. During the makeover, all damaged teeth will be cosmetically bonded to improve their appearance. The dental surgeon can re-contour a gummy smile to improve the overall results. There are dental cosmetic procedures that can be used to improve the shape of the face. All of these will help create overall balance and harmony.


Customized Treatment Plan


Before the makeover, the dental surgeon will work with you to come up with the best treatment plan. The dentist will conduct a thorough evaluation of your teeth, gums, and underlying structure to determine the best plan. This is a plan that is designed to help you achieve the results that you desire.


A customized plan will involve different cosmetic and restorative procedures. You can tell the dentist exactly what you want. When planning your makeover, the dentist will evaluate your tooth length, smile line, tooth proportions, tooth texture, and characterization. 


Depending on the procedures or treatments that you need, you may require multiple visits to the dentist. Maintaining the results of your smile makeover will require proper oral hygiene. Apart from the daily care, you need to ensure that you schedule regular visits to the dentist. You can get the smile that you desire; however, it is up to you to maintain it. 


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